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Day 10: Israel destroys Gaza’s Wafa hospital as staff evacuates all patientsthree children killed while playing on roof5,000 tonnes of explosives fired at Gaza during Israel’s 10-day assault, UNRWA asked Israel to retract false claims about schoolsIsrael launches Gaza ground operation as death toll passes 240 | July 17, 2014

1. A Palestinian woman cries inside her damaged house which was targeted in an Israeli air strike. (Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

2. Palestinian children fill bottles and containers with water from a public tap in Rafah. (Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters)

3. Belongings are strewn about in a building that police said was damaged by an overnight Israeli air strike in Khan Younis. (Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters)

4. A Palestinian girl walks with a toy that she salvaged from debris of the el-Yazje apartment building which was destroyed following an overnight Israeli missile strike. (Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

5. Children’s shoes are bagged among belongings salvaged from a damaged Palestinian home which police said was targeted in an Israeli air strike. (Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters)

6. A Palestinian boy rides his bicycle past a damaged building following an Israeli air strike. (Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

7. Flares fired by the Israeli military are seen above the northern Gaza Strip. (Ronen Zvulun/Reuters)

8. The father of two boys from the Shaibar family, whom medics said were killed along with a girl from the same extended family by an Israeli air strike after the end of a five-hour humanitarian ceasefire, grieves outside the morgue in Gaza City. (Finbarr O’Reilly/Reuters)

9. A Palestinian woman reacts inside her damaged house which was targeted in an Israeli air strike in Gaza City. (Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

10. Smoke from flares rises in the sky in Gaza City, in the northern Gaza Strip. (Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

(Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4 | Naming the dead)

I understand the impetus behind the counting of children and female casualties. The killing of innocents in Gaza by Israel’s war machine is a crime. But Palestinian men are victims of Israeli state terrorism too. Let’s not repeat the logic of the war on terror, where only children and women can be victims but men (including boys over 15, sometimes 13) are always suspects and thus somehow they share in the blame of their own death. This is the gendering of the War on Terror: our men and boys are inherently dangerous and are merely the potential for violence encased in human flesh.

Furthermore, every woman who lives and loves and loses and struggles within Israel’s military occupation and siege is a revolutionary. You do not have to pick up a gun in Gaza to be a revolutionary or an “enemy” of Israel. You just have to be alive and to insist on living. After all, isn’t that point of settler colonialism?


#GazaUnderAttack news from the ground (Thursday 17 July 2014, 15:00 BST)

As always, get up to date news from the @LondonPalestine twitter account.

  • 221 Palestinians killed by Israel, of which 179 are civilians [Palestine Centre for Human Rights]
  • Four Palestinian kids were killed playing football on the beach. They were running from an Israeli shell, only to be killed by a second Israeli shell. There was nothing else nearby to have targeted. Given that this happened in front of many international reporters, it got widely covered [Washington Post, Guardian, NY Times]
  • A second sham “ceasefire” was put forward by Israel. The same analysis from yesterday stands – Israel again leaked news of the proposal to pressure Hamas into accepting the terrible deal, and Hamas again rejected the proposal because historically they’ve been a tool used by Israel to suppress Palestinian resistance with the promises of future ‘easing of oppression’ (that often doesn’t materialise). Hamas explicitly criticised the new ceasefire suggestion as equating aggressor and resistance, and put forward ten items that could be worked around for a ceasefire, including an end to the siege of Gaza, and ability for Gazans to pray at Al-Aqsa (basically, that Israel conforms to international law).
  • "NGOs can treat wounded, but can’t open borders or end violence" – a great piece by Medicins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) on the limits of humanitarianism in Gaza, without political action alongside it.
  • "Airstrikes have caused massive damage to water & sewage infrastructure" according to the UN [NBC]. The Red Cross said that soon “hundreds of thousands in Gaza may find that there is no water when they turn on the tap” [Twitter].
  • Another case that exposes how callous Israel’s targeting is was that a civilian car was hit whilst trying to evacuate. Three members of the Abu Daqqa family were killed (Khadra 65, Omar 24, & Ibrahim 10), and 9 more were injured. [@palinoia #1, @palinoia #2@Solarah]. Many are evacuating to schools, but the UN said that 79 schools have been damaged too - nowhere is safe [source].
  • On healthcare: Al-Wafa hospital was again targeted by the Israeli military [source], and the stockroom of Al-Shifa (the biggest hospital in Gaza) is running dangerously empty [source].
  • In the West Bank: the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir was confirmed as a “racist attack” [Middle East Eye]; his cousin Tariq Abu Khdeir was released from house arrest after his brutal beating, and allowed to return to America [Al Akhbar]; six recently released Palestinian prisoners were re-arrested and given life sentences by Israeli courts [Samidoun]; 238 administrative detention (i.e. being held without trial or charge) orders issued by Israel since June 12 [Samidoun]; many more Palestinians were arrested including two Palestinian law-makers [Samidoun]; fields and Palestinian vehicles near Huwwara were set alight by the Israeli army [source]. 
  • Abroad: France banned pro-Palestinian protests in many cities [AP]; it was reported that Chile suspended trade with Israel for its atrocities in Gaza [source] but that has been disputed; UK journalist Jon Snow solidly interrogated Israeli government spokesperson Mark Regev [Channel 4 News]. Jon Snow is historically the one UK journalist to stand up to Israeli propaganda

Photos taken from fotojournalismus


…people leaving their homes now after the Shojayea massacre @iFalasteen


…people leaving their homes now after the Shojayea massacre @iFalasteen


Forced displacement of Palestinian families from the Shojae’ya neighborhood because of the massacre carried out Israel. Via Yaser AlNabriss

This rhetoric of “both sides” implies that pain and fault belong equally to Palestinians and Israelis. It erases manifold, unmistakable, qualitative and quantitative differences at play in Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip and the political-historical context in which this is taking place — most centrally, that what is occurring is part of a settler-colonial invasion.

“Both sides” rhetoric refuses to make even the easiest, most obvious judgment, to which any honest evaluation of the information points: that Israel is massacring Palestinian adults and children, 77% of whom are civilians, and subjecting them to collective punishment; that Israel evidently claims for itself a right to extra-judicially execute anyone who it says is a Hamas member, a practice too few among even Palestine’s allies have denounced; that Israel is bombarding what is essentially a giant refugee camp home to an imprisoned population of a people Israel has ethnically cleansed, occupied, subjected to apartheid, and repeatedly slaughtered; that international law does not grant Israel a “right to defend itself” against the Gaza Strip. And that international law does grant Palestinians a right to resist using armed struggle.

To employ “both sides” rhetoric completely misrepresents the situation. It is not “both sides” who take thousands of political prisoners. Both sides do not systematically torture each other. Both sides do not control each other’s freedom of movement, or access to the sea, drinking water, and education.

Greg Shupak - "A Plague on One House" via Jacobin Magazine

In addition to these distinctions, the “both sides” idea is dangerous because it is immobilizing. With its use, it becomes impossible to demand an end to colonial practices. And that is exactly the point.

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Nicola Lo Calzo


“Morgante” interweaves the personal stories of individuals linked by a common denominator: being dwarfs. “Morgante”, ironically nicknamed the Giant in the poem of the same name by Louis Pulci, was the most famous of the five dwarfs at the court of the Medicis in Florence. According to the codes of the time, the dwarf Morgante was portrayed as a “monstrum”.

Thus dehumanized and stripped of his personality, he appears in paintings of Bronzino and sculptures of Giambologna. Progressively he becomes an idea, an archetype, and a looking glass through which “the human family” will regard diversity for centuries to come. Using the literary and artistic inspiration photographer Nicola Lo Calzo has created “Morgante”, a moving gallery of portraits depicting the universe of little people, a highly marginalized category in some African countries. Often associated with witchcraft, people with dwarfism live in a semi-clandestine state, subjected daily to all kinds of psychological violence.

Lo Calzo photographed his models in private situations, at home, at work or in the street. In Lo Calzo’s photographs, Fidel, Kwedi, Babel are not victims of their size. On the contrary, they are the primary agents of their lives, protagonists of the scene represented.

In these terms, the photographer questions the conventional representation of diversity, self-esteem and self-acceptance: his models gaze directly into the camera as if intentionally searching the eyes of their viewers. They fully assume the role of actors and directors of their own lives. In some African societes still deeply polarized around the concept of normal and abnormal, good and evil, tradition and modernity, “Morgante” is an invitation to break this archetype of “monster” and come to full recognition of diversity. (artist statement)


Volunteers worked to extinguish fires left behind by Israeli warplanes that shelled the Hashem family home, one of at least seven Palestinian houses bombarded today in Gaza City. 10 Palestinians, including six children, were killed today by Israel’s ongoing attacks, bringing the death toll since the start of this current assault on the besieged Gaza Strip up to over 220. 

PHOTOS: Jehad Saftawi/IMEU